commercial lighting:What is the meaning of commercial lighting?

A lighting system for commercial occasions produced to serve the needs of commercial venue lighting。The emergence of commercial lighting originated from the birth of public commercial places, and in order to serve the needs of commercial lighting, a lighting system for commercial places was produced.


Modern commercial lighting obviously has more connotations on the basis of adhering to traditional commercial lighting.

  1. The illuminance, color temperature, and color rendering of the light source used in a specific commercial environment are scientifically defined and more accurately calculated according to requirements, which is different from the initial visual assessment;
  2. The goal of modern commercial lighting is clearly targeted. In order to achieve a certain function, a specific design is often required to set off the environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics;
  3. The nature of modern commercial lighting is determined by the purpose of lighting, and regional multi-point light sources and light and color space combinations are often used to render the atmosphere;
  4. With the application of high-tech computer controllable technology, it can interact with the audience in a dynamic, changeable and specific programmed way;
  5. With the development of compact light sources, ballasts and other ultra-small, ultra-thin, various new technologies and new crafts of lighting electrical accessories are continuously used, modern commercial lighting is becoming small, practical and multi-functional develop;
  6. Transform from a single lighting function to both lighting and decoration.

With the progress of the times, the technical means and lighting aesthetic concepts of modern commercial lighting are constantly being updated.


Divided by function

General commercial scene lighting, focused commodity lighting and decorative lighting.

by location

Divided into the interior of the commercial environment, the display area (window), the population area, the lighting of the commodity display area and the lighting of the external environment landscape.

by layout

It can be divided into direct lighting, semi-direct lighting, diffuse lighting, semi-indirect lighting, indirect lighting and so on.

commercial led
commercial led


According to Chinese norms, stores are divided into three categories: large, medium and small. The terms related to commercial buildings are the basis of commercial building design, and are explained as follows:

(1) Department stores: sell a variety of varieties and designs (mainly industrial products).

(2) Shopping malls: stores or shopping malls for civilian goods.

(3) Specialized store: A store that exclusively sells a certain type of commodity, such as a clothing store, an electrical appliance store, a pharmacy, etc.

(4) Vegetable markets: markets and shops selling vegetables, meat, poultry eggs, aquatic products and non-staple food.

(5) Self-selection shopping mall: a (supermarket) business place that is open to customers and can directly select commodities and pay according to the marked price.

(6) Associated shopping malls: a business place that gathers all stores and stalls together, and can also coexist with department store business halls or have catering, repair and other service shops.

(7) Pedestrian commercial street: a pedestrian street set up for people to shop, eat, entertain, beautify, rest, etc. Unauthorized motor vehicles are prohibited on the pedestrian street.

Application Scenario

It is the same as the initial visual assessment; moreover, the goals of modern commercial lighting are clearly targeted. In order to achieve a certain function, a specific design is often required to set off the environment and reflect the specific commercial nature and characteristics;

  1. Indoor commercial atmosphere lighting for medium and high-end specialty stores, shopping malls, etc.

LED light source is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and has no ultraviolet rays. It caters to the psychology of some merchants to display personalized light environments, and has become the preferred light source for some merchants for certain special product displays; its full-spectrum color range is very suitable for setting off the atmosphere of specialty stores and shopping malls. , The advantages of LED light sources in local lighting, accent lighting and area lighting can create a high-quality light environment unmatched by other traditional lighting electric light sources, which is very suitable for commercial lighting networks. At this time, price becomes a secondary consideration.

  1. Lighting for entertainment venues and beauty salons. LED integrated light sources have full features and are easy to control. They can create static and dynamic lighting effects, from white light to any color in the full spectrum, rendering a strong entertainment atmosphere. The appearance of LEDs brings The decoration design of this kind of space environment has opened up new ideas.
  2. Atmosphere lighting in bars, cafes and other leisure places LED light sources are small in size and solid-state luminous, giving lighting manufacturers unlimited space to play, and can professionally produce various LED lighting in different styles, and any color and dynamic of LED full spectrum Static lighting effects make it the most decorative and mood-making function in this type of place.
  3. Museums, art exhibition halls and other professional lighting museums, art exhibition halls and other places are special occasions with high requirements on the lighting environment. The particularity of the displayed items requires that the lighting source does not contain ultraviolet rays and no heat radiation. LED is a cold light source, and the light does not contain ultraviolet rays, which can fully meet the special requirements of museums and art galleries for lighting.
  4. Stage lighting for dance and photography in commercial theaters and TV studios. The application of LED light sources in indoor lighting has interpreted a new concept for the lighting environment of theaters and studios. As a first-class British TV station, GMTV changed the lighting of the studio to color-changing LEDs, reducing the energy consumption of lighting by more than 60%, and the temperature of the studio has also dropped to a more comfortable level.
  5. Hotel, hotel, guest house lighting The lighting of hotels and hotels uses LED products to bring customers a different feeling. In addition to saving energy, it can also show luxury and warmth. A personalized light environment can fully demonstrate the strength of an enterprise.
  6. The LED gray scale of intelligent control of conference room and multi-function hall lighting can be adjusted, and the lighting environment of the conference room or multi-function hall can be adjusted according to the content of the meeting. Serious or lively can be set freely. LED intelligent lighting can Meet the needs of different conference themes for light environment.
  7. Exhibitions, fashion shows Lighting exhibitions and fashion shows are venues for businesses to showcase their products and services. For merchants, in order to better attract customers, sell products and finally reach a cooperation agreement, they need a personalized light environment to display their products and services. LEDs are very useful in the field of exhibition and fashion show lighting.


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