The main specifications of SMD LED are Top-Emitting Chip SMD LED.Top-Emitting PLCC SMD LED.Multi-Color SMD LED; conventional material PLCC.PCT. ceramic process; colors include green, red, yellow, white, blue and orange.

Common SMD LED light-emitting diode products: Indication applications: SMD LED 1206, SMD LED 0603, SMD LED 0805, SMD LED 3020, SMD LED 3014. Lighting application models: SMD LED 3535, SMD LED 3528, SMD LED 5050, SMD LED3030, Decorative application models: SMD LED RGB: 3535RGB, 5050RGB, 3528RGB. Backlight applications: side-emitting SMD LED: 010, SMD LED 020, SMD LED 335 Diverse applications: including automotive interior and signage lighting, LCD and button backlighting, white goods and appliances, lighting fixtures, industrial measurement and control systems, and symbol lighting and status indication in computer peripherals and consumer products. Queendom SMD LED products are most commonly used in portable equipment, corporate display backlighting, automotive backlighting, new energy and medical biology, etc.
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