Queendom industrial lighting mainly involves plant lighting, ultraviolet lighting, waterproof lighting and emergency lighting series; if you do not find the relevant specifications on the website, please contact customer service.

Industrial lighting: floodlights, tunnel lights, miner’s lamps, garage lights, explosion-proof lights and industrial lights;

Industrial lighting: In the industrial field, lighting products need to have the characteristics of high brightness, dust-proof and explosion-proof, and long life. Factories and warehouses often use high-intensity LED luminaires to provide clear lighting to ensure workers can operate safely and efficiently. Parking lots, tunnels and roads also require lighting products to provide a safe driving environment. In the current agricultural lighting, animal husbandry, led plant lighting, farming lighting, ink curing production system lighting technology is more popular. In general, LED industrial lighting is an efficient, durable, good color performance and environmentally friendly lighting solution. With the continuous development and maturity of LED technology, LED industrial lighting has been widely used in various industries, providing a better lighting environment for industrial production.
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