Queendom commercial lighting mainly involves LED strips\LED panel lights\LED tubes\purification lights; if you can’t find the relevant specifications on the website, please contact customer service.


There are many types of commercial lighting fixtures, which can be divided into ceiling lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps according to the configuration method. Ceiling lamps include LED ceiling lamps, LED downlights, LED tubes, LED spotlights and other LED engineering lights, suspension lights, luminous ceilings, recessed lights and other types, and LED downlights, LED spotlights and other LED engineering lights are the most used.

Commercial lighting fixtures also include chandeliers, lanterns, palace lanterns, retractable chandeliers, etc., which are generally used as indoor general lighting and play a decorative role. Choosing chandeliers with different styles, sizes, and textures will affect the artistic atmosphere of the entire space and reflect different grades. Ceiling lamps include surface-mounted and recessed lamps, which directly absorb or embed lamps on the ceiling. Compared with chandeliers, they are generally used in shorter spaces. Embedded lamps such as LED downlights, LED spotlights, LED grille lights and other LED engineering lights are relatively concealed, so as not to damage the effect of the ceiling, and can maintain the overall unity of commercial building design and decoration. All or part of the luminous ceiling is made of light-transmitting materials, and the interior is evenly arranged with fluorescent light sources or hard light strip light sources. This form of construction can also be used on walls or floors to form luminous walls and luminous floors. 3 Commercial lighting applications: Commercial places need lighting products to provide a bright, comfortable and attractive environment. Offices often use recessed luminaires or dimmable desk lamps to meet employees' needs for workplace lighting. Shops and restaurants use luminaires to highlight products or create a certain mood. Hospitals and schools, on the other hand, require proper lighting for safety and comfort.
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