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Support & Queendom PRODUCTS series

Queendom’s LED solutions provider has been at the forefront of LED innovation for over 20 years. Provide the most comprehensive LED products in the industry;

LED light source semiconductor packages include: high power LED lamp, DIP led lamp, through hole LED, SMD led, infrared emitter led, Photodiode LED,LED Display,Circuit Board Indicator LED receiver module and component series Products.

LED lighting LED special lamps, animal husbandry, cold chain industry and intelligent lighting series, PCBA/LED lamps OEM/ODM and other overall solutions; Queendom’s manufacturing facilities are TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, true to its core mission of providing technical support and exceeding expectations in innovation and quality assurance.

Queendom will provide a full range of service support, providing high-value services for led light Support, Support LED, Support lighting technology

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