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LED lighting & Medical lighting

Medical lighting is mainly divided into six major components: operating room/examination room lighting, ward/outpatient/office lighting, hall/corridor/meeting room lighting, and laboratory testing room lighting. Among them, the products used in ward/outpatient/office lighting, hall/corridor/meeting room lighting, lighting lighting, and outdoor lighting can be combined with ordinary commercial lighting, as long as they meet the hospital lighting standards and specifications. Operating room/examination room lighting and other lamps are special lighting products, which have higher requirements on the entry threshold and certification specifications of lighting products.

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Medical lighting

New energy charging station lighting

New energy charging pile lighting application scenarios:
1. Charging stations: New energy charging stations usually need to provide charging services while also meeting the needs of surrounding lighting to ensure safe use and convenient management for users.
2. Parking lot: New energy charging piles are often installed in the parking lot. At this time, the role of lighting is more important. It is not only necessary to provide charging services, but also to ensure the overall lighting brightness of the parking lot.
3. Urban roads: New energy charging piles can also be applied to urban roads, so that electric vehicles can realize city parade and charging services. In this scene, the role of lighting is equally important.
In short, the lighting of new energy charging piles is mainly used in the scene of providing charging services, and at the same time, the lighting needs of the surrounding environment must be guaranteed.
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New Energy Lighting Application

Commercial lighting

A lighting system for commercial occasions produced to serve the needs of commercial venue lighting

The emergence of commercial lighting originated from the birth of public commercial places, and in order to serve the needs of commercial lighting, a lighting system for commercial places was produced.


Modern commercial lighting obviously has more connotations on the basis of adhering to traditional commercial lighting.

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commercial led

Lndustrial lighting

The scope of factory lighting design includes indoor lighting, outdoor device lighting, station and field lighting, underground lighting, road lighting, guard lighting, obstacle lighting, etc.

A factory is a place where a given product is produced, and generally consists of factory buildings, offices and other ancillary buildings, various outdoor devices, stations, fields, roads, etc.

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industrial application LED

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting outdoor illumination refers to lighting other than indoor lighting. Outdoor lighting requirements meet the needs of outdoor visual work and achieve decorative effects

Lighting FixturesEdit Broadcast

Outdoor lighting fixtures are lamps used outdoors, such as parks, squares, roadsides and outdoor advertising lights.

Outdoor lighting fixtures mainly include: lawn lights, garden lights, tunnel lights, flood lights, underwater lights, street lights, wall washers, landscape lights, buried lights, etc.

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outdoor lighting

traffic lighting

It refers to the lighting set up for vehicles, roads and their ancillary facilities. It is used to improve the safety of vehicles driving and pedestrians walking at night and prevent traffic accidents. Reasonable settings can improve traffic conditions, reduce driving fatigue, increase road capacity, and effectively reduce traffic accidents.

Its quality depends on:

(1) The brightness of road lighting. That is, it has enough strength to ensure that vehicle drivers and pedestrians can see obstacles on the road, pedestrians, vehicles and the surrounding conditions on the road.

(2) Uniformity of road lighting. That is, the distribution should be approximately uniform.

(3) The degree of glare interference. That is to effectively control the harmful effects of glare on vehicle drivers and pedestrians.

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