Queendom time of products research and design, Greenawn makes rigorous analysis and comparison base on market demands, comments from customers and sales. The R&D team would make continuous testing and study on latest raw material and innovative technology in order to design more suitable products for meeting customers’ demands through a lot of data analysis.

The company hired LED light source/lighting experts, set up a professional R&D team, and set up a special laboratory to develop various new products that adapt to market development according to market conditions, and continue to improve existing products to meet customer needs.
The company now has laboratories for LED light sources and agricultural lighting products. The laboratory covers an area of more than 1,000 square meters and is well-equipped. It has scientific research facilities and instruments necessary for product research.
Including: environmental testing equipment, lightning strike testing equipment, salt spray testing equipment, high and low temperature/constant temperature and humidity testing equipment, etc.


LED talent