Queendom LED lighting mainly involves commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, traffic lighting

Commercial lighting: LED strips, LED panel lights, LED tubes, purification lights

Industrial lighting: plant growth lights, UV ultraviolet lights, industrial waterproof lights, emergency lights

Outdoor lighting: solar lighting, street lighting, floodlights

Traffic lighting: headlights, car peripheral lighting。

Queendom LED featured lamps: solar lighting, waterproof lighting, industrial lighting, agricultural lighting, cold chain industry intelligent lighting series, Widely used in modern agriculture, animal husbandry factories, cold chain industry, shopping malls and supermarkets, national infrastructure, government agencies, hospital learning, venue construction, etc. Applications Lighting products are widely used in household, commercial and industrial fields, providing people with a comfortable, safe and efficient lighting environment. Here are some common lighting product applications: 1. Home lighting: In the home, lighting products are used to provide overall lighting, task lighting and decorative lighting. Decorative lighting such as lanterns and light strips are used to create a warm atmosphere. 2. Commercial Lighting: Commercial establishments require lighting products to provide a bright, comfortable and attractive environment. Shops and restaurants use luminaires to highlight products or create a certain mood. Hospitals and schools, on the other hand, require proper lighting for safety and comfort. 3. Industrial lighting: In the industrial field, lighting products need to have the characteristics of high brightness, dust-proof and explosion-proof, and long life. Factories and warehouses usually use high-intensity LED lamps, and parking lots, tunnels and roads also need lighting products to provide a safe driving environment. 4. Outdoor lighting: widely used in public places, urban landscapes, building exterior walls and other places. Its main function is to provide night lighting and increase safety. There are many types of outdoor lighting products, such as street lights, landscape lights, flood lights, etc.
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