Factory & Office

Queendom Technology Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise integrating R&D, production LED Factory, lighting, LED Factory llc.

Founded in 2004, China Queendom Technology Co., Ltd. is a private technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It mainly develops, produces and sells semiconductor packaging equipment, smart products, smart lighting, agricultural lighting, cold chain lighting, Automated intelligent application production special equipment manufacturing and other products; business covers the entire LED industry chain: from LED light source semiconductor packaging equipment to LED lamps, integrated LED lighting overall solutions, we will continue to develop more diversified LED products to provide customers with A variety of impeccable product solutions. Recognized by customers all over the world.


Our product ranges complement and combine with each other to create customizable and scalable solutions that can be used with other brands and manufacturers. Learn more about QUEENDOM with QUEENDOM and all our partners!

All of our products are designed by a team trained in the latest techniques. To guarantee their quality, performance and longevity, we carry out regular tests and inspections according to strict procedures.

We act for scientific research and technology

We strive to improve all living conditions, making them safer, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly.

1. We act in support of more efficient LED solutions, and the well-being of residents. We consider the environmental impact of our solutions.

2. We support eco-design LED products. Every day, the main focus of all our teams is to create a greener and more sustainable environment around the world.