LEDs Products Solutions

Queendom core LED light-emitting diodes are mainly used in medical, biological, new energy, intelligent manufacturing, aerospace, military products More please click

LEDs are used in the field of lighting

Queendom provide a variety of high-brightness components and medium-power LEDs, which feature high luminous flux, high luminous efficacy, and high reliability. Applied to LED lighting: LED strips, spotlights, LED tube bulbs, downlights, floodlights….

LED Lighting Products Solutions

lighting modern agriculture, animal husbandry factory, cold chain industry, shopping malls and supermarkets, national infrastructure, government agencies, hospital learning, venue construction, etc.

Quality Lighting Improves Lives

Queendom strictly examines the cost of each process in order to maintain its position as an industry leader. Up to 90% of energy expenditure is used for lighting, so lighting systems must be as energy-efficient as possible. Queendom LED lighting system lasts longer.
Queendom led light Solutions provides leds Solutions, lighting Solutions; a manufacturing plant for LED product design and technology optimization