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Medical LED

Advanced and innovative fine-grained solutions for medical product accuracy, remote use, affordability and personalization.

QUEENDOM is developing novel light emitting, sensing and processing products to power new medical products, testing instruments and health platforms. In cutting-edge medical detection, testing and CT and X-ray items, vital sign sensors and more are enabling advanced non-invasive diagnostics and therapies to improve health and wellness. In this context, QUEENDOM provides leading LEDs in medical product technology solutions, making healthcare accurate, remote, affordable and personalized.

Humans are paying attention to their personal health and fitness amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Digitization and diagnostics at the point of care are key drivers of professional and personal healthcare, revealing unprecedented capabilities. At the same time, miniaturized sensors with optimal performance are required for less invasive diagnostics.


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Medical Bio-LED

QUEENDOM’s engineering experts create key technologies for customers’ advanced solutions. We provide new medical products such as: PCR instruments, medical imaging, digital diagnostic equipment for medical endoscopy as well as various wearable devices for advanced fitness tracking and health monitoring applications. Provides a wider range of applications. Conventional medical leds use models: through-hole types include 3mmLED, 4mmLED, 5mmLED, 8mmLED, etc., SMD LED3528LED, 3030LED, 3535LED, 7070LED, etc.

New energy

Rigorous key technologies to meet the high-quality and high-efficiency performance requirements of new energy vehicles. While emphasizing high strength, fast response, low energy consumption, long life and high component optoelectronic specifications, more attention is paid to the quality and reliability of LED components. All series have passed the stringent automotive reliability standards (AEC-Q101/ AEC-Q102), in addition to PLCC LED products, we also develop ceramics with gold-plated substrates and silicone packaging, and continue to launch a new generation of series of products for both interior and exterior applications to meet the OE (Original Equipment) market with higher quality requirements.

Queendom is committed to promoting high-value applications and innovations in the field of new energy vehicles, including motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric scooters and charging equipment, as well as charging piles and charging stations, providing first-class products that meet their needs.

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new energy LED

Lighting LED

QUEENDOM has a variety of packaging models, wattage, and high-efficiency lighting components to meet customers’ extensive and diverse lighting application needs and provide complete services.

Lighting gives our architectural spaces a personality – inside and out. It affects our creativity and well-being in light environments and provides us with a sense of relaxed comfort at night. Helping plants grow in a controlled environment for more sustainable agriculture and productivity in the livestock product industry. It can even purify our indoor spaces and life-sustaining processes—such as the air we breathe or the water we drink. All of this is achieved through advanced lighting solutions using controllable LEDs paired with sensor technology.

QUEENDOM offers a unique portfolio of innovative LED, spectral and ambient light sensors. Our miniaturized and efficient solutions offer our customers unlimited design possibilities, increased cost-efficiency, outstanding performance and maximum precision – whether at the workplace, in the greenhouse or at home. Our core is in commercial lighting, industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, and traffic lighting to solve the overall core light source design and manufacturing links.

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Lighting LED
Security LED

Security LED

The term security is actually the abbreviation of security protection, and the security equipment we usually refer to refers to those equipment that provide us with security protection and protect our personal and property safety. As people pay more and more attention to life safety and property safety, security equipment has played an increasingly important role in our lives. So, what types of security equipment are there?
In the monitoring and security equipment, it mainly includes the following categories: camera, shooting lens, network video recorder (NVR), hard disk video recorder (DVR), terminal monitoring equipment, optical transceiver and PTZ, etc. Each of the above-mentioned products can be subdivided into multiple sub-categories. For example, our cameras can be divided into bullet cameras, infrared cameras, dome cameras, etc.

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Consumer Electronics

QUEENDOM continues to improve products and processes through professional research and development, so that people’s lives will always shine brightly. For different applications, products or ideas, we provide high-quality and efficient solutions to create higher business opportunities and benefits for customers.

Queendom’s sensing and LEDs technologies actively shape the way we capture (3D, LiDAR and image sensors) and interact with the world (ambient, spectral, color and proximity sensors, flicker detection). Our miniaturized solutions make applications such as secure identification, bright full-screen displays and brilliant graphics available on mobile devices. As a trusted partner and thought leader to our clients, we co-develop mobile innovations to enable first-to-market strategies.

display management

Our technology and market leadership enable precise ambient light and color sensing solutions to operate behind OLED displays used in mobile handsets. Our innovative packaging and silicon designs mean we deliver sensing solutions that fit into the industry’s smallest aperture sizes behind ink glass.


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LED application PCBA

visualization:Our comprehensive portfolio of high-precision infrared laser diodes and LED technologies enables AR/VR laser and LED projection as well as direct or edge-lit backlighting

industrial application LED
High quality, precise and long-lasting products make industrial processes more efficient and reliable. From production lines to home robots, our key technologies, such as Active Stereo Vision (ASV), Time-of-Flight (ToF), Structured Light (SL) or LiDAR, make automated processes more powerful, easier to apply and smarter for humans and machines interface. Our components are at the heart of safety functions in collaborative environments, from collision avoidance systems to fence-free work environments for production equipment in industrial environments such as robotics or home applications. Our broad lighting portfolio perfectly matches every need in machine vision, human-computer interaction and even design.

Industrial application

Digitization, 5G and AR/VR are disrupting industries today. This is often referred to as “Industry 4.0” and even “Industry 5.0” in terms of data management and intelligent algorithms. The disruptive trend opens up a new level of industrial autonomy for machines and changes the way machines interact with each other and humans in collaborative environments. To this end, machines rely on precise sensing and LED industrial solutions to capture the environment, while relying on advanced human-machine interfaces to improve collaboration efficiency. These major trends are not only affecting the manufacturing environment, but also driving changes in home and building automation or home appliances. To achieve Industry 4.0 goals, our unique portfolio of smart sensor, light emitter and detector technologies covers all market needs: speed, power, precision as well as small size and cost-effectiveness.

A wide variety of industrial control board needs, including power related, electricity meters, communication equipment, UPS, solar energy and other applications.
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